A Partner to Dental Support Organizations

Whether your organization is an emerging DSO with a few practices, a rapidly growing multi-state group, or an organization with a national footprint, DCI Edge has the ability to tailor a partnership program for your unique needs.

DCI has been in the dental business for over 40 years and is driven by lean and efficient business processes. We don’t put extra money into resources that aren’t essential—instead, we put all of our energy and backing into creating high quality, reliable equipment at a price that makes sense for our customers.

Our business model is designed to keep equipment costs affordable, a principle we know DSOs understand very well—and one that has made us the preferred dental equipment partner for a majority of the nation’s top Dental Service Organizations


Why Choose DCI?

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your equipment partner, so we make sure to offer you the ideal combination of affordability, reliability, and service. You can trust that DCI Edge has your companies’, practitioners’, and patients’ well-being in mind.



As you scale your business, every expense adds up. We’re proud to offer equipment that is a sound investment for the life of the dental clinic. By incorporating design simplicity and common sense engineering, we have created a low-maintenance, trouble-free experience. Whatever the goals of your DSO are, we continue to provide value-based pricing on high quality, long-lasting equipment, so you can focus on your growth strategy.



Affordable equipment doesn’t mean unreliable equipment. Backed by the experience of manufacturing dental parts for over 40 years, DCI Edge has quickly become a leader in the equipment industry as well. We build our equipment in-house, put every item through substantial testing, and ship with packaging designed to ensure you receive your product in perfect condition—plus we’re the first in the industry to include a five-year warranty on every equipment purchase.



We’ll work with you to tailor a solution made specifically to meet your needs and priorities, whether that’s keeping your initial investment low or creating a custom dental package perfectly suited to your facility’s demands.



Our support doesn’t stop after the sale. We will continue to work with you, with help from our trusted dealers, to provide the best possible installation, maintenance, and support throughout the life of your equipment.